Quebec decision, surrounding an oil drilling, contested

Junex’s Galt 4 well. Photo: Archives.

Gaspé Énergies’ legal challenge to a decision by the Minister of Natural Resources could set a serious precedent.

This is what Richard Langelier, doctor of law and sociologist, asserts, who became known in the Gaspé during the trial between Gastem and Restigouche Sud-Est.

The company Gaspé Énergies is contesting the decision of the Minister of Natural Resources, Jonathan Julien, who in October refused a request for drilling at the Galt 6 well.

The ministry estimates that this drilling would present risks for the water environments, because the project is located 800 meters from a watercourse. The company considers that the Minister made this decision on a discretionary basis.

Richard Langelier invites municipalities to carefully follow this challenge because the separating distance of 1000 meters between a stream and a borehole is in question.

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