Randy Hillier with Never Stop Fighting for Small Business Owners

Whether you agree with MPP Randy Hillier or not, what cannot be denied is that he is a man who has taken a stance on what he believes, and regardless of what others say, he stands on his word.

MPP Randy Hillier is a regular speaker at mainly because as a network, we remain open to all thoughts, especially during a time of censorship and cancel culture.

What can be said is that Randy Hillier is standing up for a sector that has been largely ignored during the pandemic, and that is the small business sector.

He took his reform a step further by assembling a group of elected representatives from municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government across Canada, all unified in pursuit of the truth, and resolved to ensure there is open, honest, and public debate regarding the COVID-19 government response.

It has been established and is now evident that the lockdowns cause more harm than the virus and must be brought to an end. 

MPP Hillier speaks passionately about his efforts to reopening businesses, schools, places of worship, recreational facilities, along with the full resumption and expansion of efficient medical services. He reminds the people of Ontario that the only way that we are going to take back our freedoms is by standing up, opening up, and pushing back against the system.

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