Return to primary school

St-Rosaire elementary school, in downtown Gaspé, on April 9. Photo: Geneviève Patterson.

Today is the return to class for elementary school students.

The Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge specified Friday in a press conference the return to primary school today and secondary and vocational training on January 18.

The government has pledged to quickly provide a tablet or laptop computer to all elementary and secondary school students who need it for their lessons.

Faced with concerns about failure rates, he also announced the establishment of tutoring formulas and educational forums:

Schools wishing to take advantage of it will be able to submit the first report card on February 5 rather than January 22. The value of this newsletter will decrease and that of the year-end newsletter will be enhanced. Ministry exams will not take place this year:

Regarding measures to stop the spread of the virus, the mask will have to be worn more.

In elementary school, all students will be required to wear it in indoor common areas and grades 5 and 6 will also have to wear it in class. Extracurricular activities will be suspended. Two surgical masks per day will be provided to the students.

In addition, teachers and educators in daycare centers will be vaccinated before the rest of the adult population, around March or April. On the other hand, Jean francois Roberge said he was reassured by the results of the assessment of air quality in schools:

Public health adviser Richard Massé advised against the use of air purifiers, pointing out that being incorrectly positioned, they could put aerosols back into suspension in the air.

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