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Robbie Picard on why Liberals should let First Nations benefit from oil and gas

On this week’s episode of The Gunn Show, Robbie Picard, of Oil Sands Strong, joins Sheila Gunn Reid to talk about Justin Trudeau’s poor approach to aiding First Nations communities.

Robbie is Metis himself and he works in advocacy and bringing awareness about the benefits of oil and gas development for First Nations. Picard thinks pipelines and projects, not handouts and pandering, are what his people need.

After six years in power and two terms in government Justin Trudeau has done little to better the situation in First Nations communities. On Trudeau’s approach Robbie said to Sheila:

You can’t just throw money at the issues. The community itself needs to take ownership of this and the government needs to provide those opportunities, the logistics that support, and the training to maintain this…When you consider just the rate of poverty on some of Canada’s First Nations reserves and you see the flip side of this; you live in Fort McMurray where so many First Nations communities are wealthy, they’re business-focused, they’re wealth creators, they’re job creators, not just for indigenous people but or everybody.

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