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Sacrificing children’s health at the altar of profits | Dr. Paul Alexander

A few weeks ago, I interviewed an expert in the field of research methodology, epidemiology and evidence based medicine, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander.

In that interview, we briefly touched on the rumblings of the Pfizer injection being approved for use in children aged five to 11 and how it is reckless and unnecessary.

Now that the roll out of this injection is becoming more of a reality, we delve into Dr. Alexanders’ recent publication, “Dear Pfizer: Leave The Children Alone.”

We discuss the robust, innate immunity that children possess and examine the biological reason(s) that they do not become readily infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Alexander asserts that contrary to public health advice, children are not the superspreaders that medical officers of health would have you believe they are.

Dr. Alexander further notes that natural immunity is far superior and ever lasting, unlike vaccine induced immunity. He argues that layering vaccine immunity over natural immunity can lead to enhanced incidences of vaccine adverse events, and cautions that the risk versus benefit of this injection for children is all risk with questionable benefit.

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