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Spa THREATENED with $100,000 a day in fines — Boho owner says microblading safer than WalMart

We first met Jessica Downey of Boho Beauty and Microblading, way back in December when reporter Tamara Ugolini featured the salon as part of Rebel News’ initiative, showcasing entrepreneurs resisting the COVID closures of their businesses.

Prior to the COVID lockdown, business was brisk for Jessica. But in Ontario, salons and personal care businesses were labeled non-essential and shuttered by health orders.  The move was financially devastating for Jessica and her family. She lost 700 appointments over a six month period, was forced to lay off staff and sell her family home and move her family of five into a holiday trailer off the grid four hours away from her shop.

The closure of personal care businesses like Jessica’s made no sense, since the kind of work Jessica and her staff do means they are trained in infectious and blood borne illness protocols. Surely they could handle a disease that almost everyone survives.

Jessica was also deplatformed for speaking out against the lockdown. She lost her business social media pages after COVID scolds reported her accounts, making it difficult for her customers to find her and keep updated.

So, backed into a corner and with nothing left to lose, Jessica opened her shop to customers again, ignoring the government limitations on her industry that had finally allowed her to re-open, but at reduced capacity and to limited services.

The harassment from COVID cops and health authorities after Jessica swung the doors open again was nearly immediate and remains ongoing. She has received ticket after ticket, including one for hosting something Jessica described as a socially distant meditation circle. Sounds super dangerous!

Jessica joins me today to update me on the latest visit the police and the Ontario Wuhan-flu detective paid to Boho Beauty. The visits and inspections aren’t stopping, but it doesn’t sound like Jessica is stopping either.

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