The MTQ will finally move downtown

The service center of the Ministère des Transports, in downtown Gaspé. Photo: Richard O’Leary

The City of Gaspé finally came to an agreement with Quebec on the sale of land to the Augustines industrial park for the future MTQ service center.

The Department of Transport will therefore be able to leave downtown Gaspé after more than 30 years of negotiation to find itself in a more favorable location for its operations, far from the elementary schools that surround it.

Daniel Côté specifies the content of the agreement with the Société québécoise des infrastructures, which is responsible for the management of the MTQ project.

According to the mayor, the City expects construction of the new service center to begin in the spring of this year:

Daniel Côté says that moving the MTQ’s facilities to the Augustines industrial park will free up significant space in the city center. :

Gaspé must consult the population on the future use of the land.

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