The PQ wants hospitalization data by region

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The Parti Québécois is asking the government to publish daily data on hospitalizations related to COVID-19.

The spokesperson for the PQ in matters of Health, Joël Arseneau, specifies that this publication should be made by region and, above all, by hospital, because these are significant indicators of the evolution of the situation.

Currently, it is necessary to visit the sites of the various integrated centers, a long and laborious exercise, according to him.

Joël Arseneau, judges that this procedure would allow the population to better visualize and understand the situation in each of the regions.

According to him, statistics by hospital will also strengthen the bond of trust with the government.

The MP for Gaspé, Méganne Perry Mélançon, affirms that it is also a question of transparency towards the population of the region on the part of the government.

Joël Arseneau does not believe that revealing good statistics for the region would result in a relaxation of health measures. On the contrary, it would improve the morale of people who really need it:

The Parti Québécois requests that the data be added to the government website where other information on COVID-19 can be found.

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