The resumption of sports is still delayed by public health

The government of Quebec confirmed this afternoon at a press briefing that the resumption of sports is not in the scenario for the moment.

1is Minister François Legault is based on the recommendations of the public health department including Dr. Horacio Arruda.

Remember that thousands of people marched in front of the National Assembly in Quebec on Sunday so that Minister Legault authorizes the resumption of supervised sports for the mental good of young people.

Here are the words of the 1is minister:

François Legault explained that the current situation is still fragile taking into account the variants that threaten a rapid spread of viruses and prefers to wait to measure the effects of the school break.

On the other hand, Minister Isabelle Charesst will present a plan for the gradual resumption of sports activities on Friday.

In the meantime, extracurricular sports can resume as of next Monday. During this announcement, the minister hinted that he was preparing a gradual deconfinement of several sports, which ultimately was not the subject of today’s announcements.

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