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“There’s a lot of data out there suggesting our doors should be open” | Barbershop & Haberdashery reopens

Small business owners across Canada are becoming increasingly frustrated with the never-ending restriction story.

In Ontario, decisions by the Ford government seem to be continually unjustified, but have real consequences for small businesses and their employees, who risk losing everything if this continues.

Understandably, these entrepreneurs are fed up, and are reaching out to us here at Rebel News through our portal at

Kyle Thomson of Belleville, Ont. is one of those people. He opened Park Provisioners Barbershop & Haberdashery in September 2019, a mere six months before Ford’s initial provincial shutdown in March 2020. He has a fairly large space — encompassing a barbershop, retail space and even a small café. His business was off to a great start… until the government stepped in.

Feeling like he has nothing left to lose, Kyle hopes to lead by example and stand in solidarity with other small businesses who want to reopen their doors in defiance of these arguably unconstitutional orders.

If Kyle faces any fines while he defies these orders, we’ll stand by him through our sister campaign at

When we say that we stand by small business, we mean it.

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