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Trudeau COVID response NOT “based on science,” argues Liberal staffer

A federal Liberal staffer advised in an email against describing the Trudeau government’s COVID response as “based on science”. 

“I don’t think it works to say that our response to all that is based on science”, wrote Taylor Bildstein in a September 2020 email chain originating from Marc Morin from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

In response to the email chain on “key messages”, Bildstein argued against suggesting that the Trudeau government’s COVID-19 response is “based on science”.

There is a joint biomanufacturing sub-committee. It’s a sub-committee of the two task forces. I think the way you’ve written it (“advisory team”) works well and is not too bureaucratic.

I think the first bullet made more sense before the edits were made:

• The Government of Canada’s response to COVID-19 is based on science, data and sound advice from experts.

…because the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is an economic crisis and a shut-down of supply chains, loss of jobs associated with social distancing and associated disruptions. I don’t think it works to say that our response to all that is based on science. Was LEEF based on science? The wage subsidy? I don’t know… what do you think?

You can read the full email exchange below.

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