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Trudeau denied Defence Production Act while staffers talked amendments for “greater authority”

Shortly before Justin Trudeau publicly denied the need to bring in a Defence Production Act in April of last year, his staffers discussed fast-tracking a briefing on a Defence Production Act that would “give the Minister greater authority to respond to the crisis.”

A similar act was invoked on March 18, 2020 under U.S. President Donald Trump to compel domestic manufacturers to produce emergency supplies needed for the coronavirus pandemic.

On March 19, 2020, Trudeau government staffer Joel Tallerico wrote to David Lord as well as Esther Christensen, Leslie Church and Kelly Murdock to explicitly discuss a possible Defence Production Act.

SUBJECT: Defence Production Act

Hi David,

Can we advance the Defence Production Act briefing to today?

Based off Boris’ email, we may want to engage Justice on making amendments to that act to give the Minister greater authority to respond to the crisis.



On April 1, 2020, Trudeau told reporters during one of his Rideau Cottage addresses that unlike the United States, Canada would not need to institute the “similar action” of passing a Defence Production Act because Canadian companies were “putting their hands up” to help.

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