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Trudeau gov’t: Don’t say vaccines will return everything to “normal”

Health Canada staffer Kathryn Nowers cautioned Justin Trudeau’s lead speechwriter Astrid Krizus against feeding the prime minister lines suggesting that a COVID-19 vaccine would return everything to “normal.”

The caution was part of a longer email chain circulated among federal government employees on October 22, 2020, collecting input on Trudeau’s speech scheduled for the next day.

In reply to the speechwriter, Nowers wrote:

Would probably remove the line that a vaccine is the best bet to end the pandemic. We don’t know the efficacy yet and if it doesn’t work for everyone or has to be reinvented every year like the flu vaccine then we could be in for a longer haul — I don’t want to set expectations too high that a vaccine will return everything to “normal”. Would also take every opportunity to double down on needing to follow public health measures so would suggest after the line that “Canada will be ready for a vaccine”, we could say in the meantime please wash your hands etc.

You can read the full email exchange below.

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