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Trudeau gov’t seeking bottled water supplier

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to ban single-use plastic, but the convenience of bottled water just keeps getting in their way.

A posting on the federal procurement website calls for an as-needed bottled water supplier for the Department of National Defence on an “as and when requested basis” for the period of the Standing Offer. 

Here’s the official call for a supplier:

8.2.1 – Bottled Water – 500 mL The Contractor must provide bottled water meeting the following specifications: 500 mL in size. Case of 24 bottles.

The “period of the Standing Offer” runs until March 31, 2026.

Paper Drink Box Water Bottle Sort Of… Things

Global Affairs has spent almost $1 million on bottled water since 2017but it could be more, because the ministry admits it doesn’t track the use of bottled water that is part of a meal expense.

You can read more about our investigations in federal reliance on water bottles despite their pledge to ban single-use plastic here:

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-plastic Trudeau Liberals spent almost $1M on bottled water (and that’s just ONE ministry)

Plastic water bottle boycott at Enviro Canada: Status of drink box water bottle sort of things unclear

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