Vaccine deliveries cause logistical challenges

The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé. Photo: Coalition Avenir Québec

The Minister of Health confirms that the vaccination of people 85 and over for COVID-19 in Gaspésie is a little more complex because of the delivery of doses.

At a press briefing on Thursday, Christian Dubé explained that the region will begin vaccination later than other sectors of the province are in about 2 weeks.

This confirms the words of the director of public health of the Gaspé and the Islands this week, specifying that the next vaccine delivery would be made on March 11.

The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé mentioned that the arrival of doses in the region will indeed vary from place to place. He wanted to reassure the population while admitting that the logistics of the vaccination program could be a little different for our territory.

For more details on this news, listen to our news bulletins this Friday on Radio Gaspésie at 11:30 am-4:30pm or 5:30 pm.

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