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Vancouver anti-lockdown protesters shock people with creepy silent march

Around 100 freedom protesters recently shocked passersby last Sunday, with a silent and peacefully creepy march around the downtown Vancouver area.

Alexander (Sasha) Lasarev and Nikolai Thompson were the visionaries behind the unique approach to restoring Canadians’ freedoms, and thought that a silent march, as a spin off of John Carpenter’s 1988 cult classic movie They Live, would be the best way to do so.

Boy were they right! Out of all of the protests I’ve covered, the slow marching of silent people, a handful dressed as zombies just like in the sci-fi thriller about government control, seemed to demand the attention of all those walking and driving the busy Vancouver streets.

The group of freedom lovers also held black and white signs with oppressive phrases on them, that at face value state all of the messages that our government and certain media outlets appear to want us to adopt, such as “hugs are dangerous,” “politicians never lie,” and simply “obey.” Seeing such statements slowly carried in silence reminded me of how oppressive the last year has been on so many levels.

Click the full report to see for yourself.
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