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Warrantless cops, public health kicked out of Calgary church by pastor

In case you missed it while celebrating the Easter long weekend, Calgary Street Church pastor Artur Pawlowski (who was the very first Rebel News Fight The Fines case) had some very passionate words for a group of police and bureaucrats trying to enter his church based on some violation of the province’s COVID restrictions.

The pastor has had numerous incidents with police in Calgary, having been charged on several occasions for various issues. For whatever reason, the City of Calgary seems to have a particular issue with Artur’s community outreach where he helps feed the homeless population. In December, Artur and his brother were even given a dozen tickets for COVID violations.

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, host Ezra Levant wanted to share the video with the audience, just in case they hadn’t seen it, since the story hadn’t really been covered all that extensively by media in Canada. 

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