We all need each other; it’s just how we chose to express it

Covid19 has been devastating on a lot of us: black, white or indifferent. Diseases such as cancer and Covid-19 do not discriminate. One thing is for certain; during Covid  we as people, whether friends, families, or acquaintances, need each other more than we initially realized and even more than most are willing to accept.

There are ways to “be there ” for people and ways to not be there for people. Technology is the main equalizer as it provides a medium and opportunities for people to reach various distances and touch the lives of each other in meaningful ways. Even in households where technology, despite its positive contribution to lives and environment, has created divisions. We have gotten closer, in theory through technology, but we have also been divided physically by said technology. We still need each other though, make no mistake.

Public talks about  mental health disease in youth and children get the attention and deservingly so but we tend to forget the bread-winners of these youths and children, who are also caregivers and providers for parents and community organizations. We forget and sometimes take their mental wellness for granted. They are in need too, maybe more so than the youths and the children.

How do we stay in touch, connect with them, reassure them, encourage them and motivate them? I believe the best options are direct phone calls and or chat groups on zoom. Direct text messages are also a very good way of connecting for the mere fact that there are immediate benefits derived from such activities such as: increased happiness,  laughter, smiles, interaction and feedback. Something real and tangible is derived from these mediums.

Unfortunately however, too many are either ignorant or not aware of these benefits and instead resort to contacting people through means of “forwarding” other people’s quotes or bible verses. Make no mistake, the intentions are appreciated but if you really want to make an impression on someone, whether for a moment or for a duration of time, the best way to do so is to connect with them directly. 

You can do this through quotes that are written in your own words and coming from your own thoughts. There are immediate, uplifting, and engaging benefits derived as a result. So before you spend five minutes searching the web for the perceived “best quotes” to forward to someone you care about, take two minutes and write your quotes, your own words of encouragement, of gratitude, of appreciation, of forgiveness. Whatever the case might be, it will most certainly be felt and appreciated.

At the end of the day we all need each other, it’s just how we chose to express it.

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