Wind energy in the sights of Hydro-Québec

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Hydro-Québec confirms that the wind energy sector is in a good position to meet an energy supply demand expected from 2027.

The arrival of the Legaut government’s Green Plan, announced earlier this week, appears to be having an impact on the crown corporation’s forecast for its long-term supply. In an update, we learn that Quebec’s demand for electricity will increase by 9% by 2029, of which 3.3 TWh could be produced by wind energy.

This change of course contrasts with forecasts two years ago which predicted a surplus of energy for the next 20 years.

Maxence Huard-Lefebvre, head of media relations at Hydro-Québec, explains this in large part through the Plan for a Green Economy:

As a first step, the state-owned company is currently negotiating to go ahead with the 200 MW Apuiat wind farm project to meet part of its needs.

Then, the possibility of continuing the supply with energy produced by the wind sector seems the most interesting avenue.

Although he does not want to confirm calls for tenders for wind power, Maxence Huard-Lefebvre admits that the cost of wind power is very competitive.

The re-equipping of existing parks would offer a quick solution to meet the need from 2027.

Finally, what strengthens the option of wind power to supply Hydro-Quebec is that there is no hydroelectric dam project on the table at the moment and they would take too long to build to meet the demand. energy demand by 2029:

More details to come Monday in our news bulletins on Radio Gaspésie.

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