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“Woke, white, suburban liberals” think they know best for everyone

Up-and-coming conservative commentator Vince Dao has made a name for himself criticizing those on the left side of the political spectrum who advocate for overly-sensitive woke policies, without a real understanding of the issue.

Vince joined Andrew Chapados on episode #12 of Andrew Says, where he laid out the issues he has with the woke mob that, telling Andrew that:

The left does this a lot, they will lump entire races that are very diverse and different into one group. And you see this with Native Americans.

You’re talking about a very diverse group of people — so many different tribes basically across the country. They all have these different cultures, and yet you notice for the purpose of social justice, it’s all lumped into this one singular conglomerate where it’s all the same.

To see the longer YouTube interview, click here. For the extended interview with Vince, RebelNews+ subscribers can click here.

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